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ATTENTION: If you have a family history of heart disease (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic heart disease), please read on…

“You Can Safely And Effectively Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease (Cholesterol, Blood Pressure) --Right Now In Your Own Home!”

Research Is Showing That Key Nutrients That We Don't Consume Enough Of Are Effectively Reducing The Risk Of Heart Disease

Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS
CEO, JayLab Pro Nutrition

RE: The Future of Your Health

Looking and feeling young sometimes seems impossible.  Heck I even wake up in the morning and see (and count) all the gray hairs on my head, the wrinkles on my face, and the heavy bags under my eyes.

I completely understand how you feel each morning when you look in the mirror and are slowly seeing the person in front of you change—into your mother or father.  My name is Jayson Hunter and years ago, I started a supplement company to try to address some of the issues I felt needed to change as I got older.

I wanted products that I knew would tackle my family history of high cholesterol, the inability to lose weight, or even just looking and feeling more energized.

And I did just that.  But I did miss.

I missed one area...I just couldn’t find the right ingredients that would address the issues of “growing old gracefully.”

I wanted the right ingredients that could:

  • Get rid of the salt-and-pepper look that I have come accustomed to seeing in the mirror.
  • Lower the high inflammation levels that cause decay and chronic diseases.
  • Lead to more energy at the end of the day—no matter how stressful my day had been.
  • Erase the fine lines, laugh lines, wrinkles, and age spots that have cropped up on my body—and appeared almost out of nowhere.

Now, before I go on any further, I want to discuss a few things with you.  They are:

 Is your blood pressure and cholesterol high, but you don’t want to go on another prescription medication?  
Is stress causing WRINKLES and gray hair to pop out of nowhere?  
 Has your dentist told you that your teeth are discolored and not as white as they used to be?
 Do you have problems keeping your blood sugar under control?
Are digestive issues, such as heartburn, gas, bloating, and constipation keeping you from enjoying your favorite foods?
Do you find it hard to get to sleep--and stay asleep--which could leave you feeling tired and STRESSED all the time?
 Is brain fog and/or depression making it hard to get out of bed in the morning and put on a happy face?

If you have answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then I am afraid to say, you have a very serious problem brewing in your body.

That problem just happens to be CHRONIC INFLAMMATION and it’s taking a toll—not only on your body, but on your health as well.

Maybe you already know that you have inflammation and you’re trying everything you can to control it.

Perhaps you’ve tried including more anti-inflammatory foods, more fruits and vegetables…even supplements that promise to fix your inflammatory insides, but fail to deliver on the promise.

You’ve changed your lifestyle and started to see some results—like lower inflammation markers than what was previously reported.

Maybe you’re happy where you are…with the results you’ve gotten…from doing the bare minimum to improve your health.

If you’re like a lot of people that I talk to, however, you’re probably looking for more.  You’re probably looking to look and feel like you did when you were younger.

You may want to FEEL like you did when you were a teenager…without achy, painful joints or having your doctor constantly reminding you that you need to lower your inflammation levels and turn your blood pressure and cholesterol around.

Whatever it is, you arrived here…and we are happy that you did!  Because…

Chronic Inflammation, Elevated Heart Disease Risk Factors, and High Blood Sugar Will Only Lead To Heart-Health Issues In The Near Future!

Before we go any further, I want to share a little bit about myself…

Besides owning this company, I have been helping people, just like you, to live stronger, longer, and healthier lives.

I can honestly say that the people I work with get RESULTS—when everything else has failed them.

Well, all except Laura.

You see, Laura was a unique breed in her own personal way.  She came to me because she wasn’t interested in losing weight…or even changing her eating patterns.

Laura came to me because she wanted to FEEL BETTER, have more energy, and reduce the risk factors she already had for heart disease and diabetes.

Basically, she was only looking to “grow old gracefully” and not fall victim to the many age-related issues that older women developed.

We set out by changing how she ate (slightly) and included a daily walk.

Nothing too strenuous, and there were certainly no major dietary changes…

Every week, she stayed on her modified diet plan and her daily walk and started to see some results.

Until, she went to her doctor that is…

After reviewing her results, he noticed that her INFLAMMATION levels were through the freakin’ roof!

After showing up disappointed, she agreed to make even more changes to her diet.

After a month of this, she STILL WASN’T feeling better…still was lacking energy…and her inflammation markers were STILL elevated.

This is when we decided to add a little something to her plan…

I’ll tell you what we added in a moment…

But first, I must ask if any of these things sound familiar:

  • Are you waking up tired, depressed, or don’t even have the energy to get out of bed?
  • Do you have constant cravings throughout the day?
  • Have you ever felt like you may pass out if you don’t eat or have the shakes when you’re hungry?
  • Is your cholesterol higher than it’s ever been—and continues to climb with each appointment?
  • Are you finding more gray hairs, fine lines, age spots, skin tags, or smile lines each time you look in the mirror or when looking at your body?
  • Is your stress interfering with having a normal life?
  • And finally, are you struggling to lose weight—even when you’re dieting and exercising all the time?

If any of this sounds like you, in a moment I am going to give you a life-altering solution that could help you become the person you want.

And you’re going to find out the source of your frustration and why you’re not “growing old gracefully” has nothing to do with diet or exercise.

But first, back to Laura…

The problem Laura was having (and that you’re probably having as well) happens to be out-of-control inflammation.

Normally, inflammation is a good thing to have in your body.  It protects against injury and helps deliver the right nutrients to heal your body.


When inflammation is out-of-control, it damages healthy cells and speeds up the aging process.

No wonder why Laura wasn’t feeling better!

After looking over her bloodwork, we discovered her major problem—and the diet plan we set up for her didn’t have the antioxidant levels to keep her inflammation at bay.

She was disappointed in herself—because she knew she could do better.

But she doesn’t have to be…

….and neither should you!

For some people like Laura, and maybe even you, you’re not getting the right amount of antioxidants to keep you healthy and reduce your disease risk.

You may not be getting enough fruits or vegetables…

You may not be getting enough healthy fats…

Today though, you are going to learn that…

The Connection Between Antioxidants and Inflammation Is Finally Crystal Clear!

Antioxidants are tiny nutrients that fight inflammation. Let me explain…

Chronic inflammation occurs when damage happens to healthy cells.  Once the injured area is healed, the inflammatory response usually shuts down.

Except in this case, it doesn’t…

Once one area is healed, another area is damaged from free radicals.

They are like Jesse James going from town to town, shooting up the place, and leaving chaos after moseying off into the sunset.

The antioxidants are the hero’s, trying to wrangle in Jesse, while saving the town and the damsel in distress.


Here’s Where Things Start To Break Down…

If you’re someone who eats a Westernized diet, then you’re not getting the antioxidant levels to soothe the inflammation to bring your body back to normal.

In fact, your diet may actually be causing more free radicals to damage your healthy cells.

This damage leads to astronomically high inflammation levels and greatly increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, even cancer.

Plus, it may also speed up the aging process—making you look 60 when you’re only 30!

But that’s not all inflammation does…

You may find it harder to lose weight because your fat cells are inflamed, leading them to hold on to the greasy fat pockets covering your body.

But diet is not the ONLY thing holding you back…

As you get older the amount of stress in your life goes way up.

You’re busy with work, you have more activities with your kids, and life itself is busier than ever before.

And all that stress is speeding up the aging process at lightning-fast speed.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Researchers in France may have discovered a breakthrough in the treatment of:

  • Inflammation
  • Heart disease
  • Out-of-control blood sugar
  • Even weight loss.

Have You Ever Heard Of The “French Paradox”?

Have you ever wondered why French people NEVER seem to age?  It has nothing to do with where they live, but everything to do with their diet and lifestyle.

Besides having an extraordinarily healthy diet, French people also consume a whole lot of WINE

And this one drink—well, fruit perhaps--may be the key to keeping French people looking and feeling half their age.

You see, grapes contain powerful antioxidants that may lower inflammation and keep many diseases at bay.

But there’s only one problem (well, not really a problem, but could be):

You Would Need To Drink WAY MORE Than 1-2 Glasses Of Wine Per Day To Reach the Antioxidant Level Your Body Needs!

Although it was once thought that the anti-aging secrets of red wine had to do with the alcohol, researchers have proved that wrong!

The reason why wine is so effective just happens to the high amount of bioflavonoids housed inside the wine (and grapes).

Even though you may be up to the challenge of downing more wine, in the long run all the extra calories you would consume may cause weight gain, liver issues, and other health problems.

So how do you get enough antioxidants to make a dent in your inflammation levels and lower your risk for age-related diseases?


The answer we have created is Rejuvenator 6X--naturally sourced with the powerful grape seed extract, BioVIn.  BioVin is like drinking a glass of wine (maybe even 2) each day—with none of the added side effects, such as weight gain or headaches.

BioVin is made from the skin, stems, and seeds that have been left behind in the wine making process.

As it turns out, the grape waste has some unbelievable benefits.

In fact, this waste may contain a powerful antioxidant that is:

20 X Greater Than Vitamin E and 50 Times Greater Than Vitamin C…

As you know, these vitamins hold tremendous antioxidant power…

…but nothing near as strong as BioVin—the mother of all grape seed extracts.

It’s not just me showing you the power of BioVin, but the research itself…

A study in 2013 found in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, showed grape seed extract could reduce inflammation caused by a strain of bacteria that tends to spike inflammation levels in the body.

Basically, they found that supplementing with grape seed extract (like BioVin) was able to lower acute inflammation when rats were exposed to a toxin.

But it doesn’t just lower inflammation.

Research has shown that having higher levels of body fat could increase your C - reactive protein levels, which is a marker for inflammation.

But surprisingly, in a 2009 study, researchers discovered that rats fed a high-fat diet and supplemented with grape seed extract, were successfully able to lower markers associated with inflammation.

This study basically showed that those supplemented with polyphenols found in grape seed extract were able to reduce markers of inflammation associated with high body fat levels.

Now, with lower inflammation, you may expect to see improvements in other areas of your body.

Since inflammation plays a role in many different disease processes, you may expect to see improvements such as:

Lower cholesterol
Better blood sugar control
Improved brain health
Reduced arthritis symptoms
And so much more.

Study after study shows that BioVin—of grape seed extract—may work in conjunction with other systems in your body to lower your risk factors for early death and improve your overall longevity.

Now, even though this sounds like great news (and it is), there is bad news to report…

Most Antioxidants and Polyphenols Aren’t Absorbed By Your Body!

Sometimes your body has a hard time absorbing polyphenols and antioxidants.

But BioVin is different!  

A landmark study conducted in 2009 showed that the antioxidants and procyanidolic oligomers found in BioVin were more absorbable by your body and increase the polyphenol levels in your blood.

This means that when you take BioVin, you’re going to get a product that is rapidly absorbed and increases the levels of disease-fighting polyphenols in your blood.

The same study hinted at other benefits that you may expect to see with BioVin.  They noted that the inclusion of BioVin increased the PROTECTION of proteins and LDL cholesterol against oxidative stress.

Now, before we go any further, I want to address what could happen if you:

DO NOT Take (or stop taking) Rejuvenator 6X…

As you have heard, when you take BioVin, you have a sudden rush of powerful antioxidants and polyphenols that could protect your body from oxidative stress, premature aging, and age-related diseases.

But when you STOP taking Rejuvenator 6X (with BioVin), you could expect to see a rapid, steady decline in your antioxidant and polyphenol levels.  

Losing this protection could:

  • Speed up the aging process.
  • Expose you to damaging oxidative stress that could lead to chronic diseases.
  • Spike your blood sugar which causes cravings, fat gain, and/or Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Weaken your heart, decay your mitochondrial function, and tank your overall mood.
  • Impair your memory and slow your mental processing
  • Destroy your metabolism, less protection for your cells, and dysregulation of your hormones.

We don’t want this to happen to you.  That’s why we want you to continuously take your Rejuvenator 6X.

Of course, BioVin is the key ingredient found in Rejuvenator 6X that could single-handedly slow the aging process and make you feel 20 years younger.


When you consider that every day is a battle between life and death—for your cells—you must fight back today and WIN the battle raging inside your body.

Finally, you can fight back and win the internal struggle with Rejuvenator 6X that contains the age-defying nutrients, clinically-proven to change your life and your health dramatically in the next 30 days.

And it’s finally available to you—without a prescription!


It’s Time to Stop the Process for Chronic Illnesses
and Faster Aging!

Here’s the deal…

I want to send you one bottle of Rejuvenator 6X to try for only $42.95 (or 3 bottles for $110.95 or 6 bottles for $205.95—you decide which option is best for you).

Trust me; this is just a drop in the bucket to how much it would cost if you tried to order BioVIn from the manufacturer.


If you feel that right now isn’t the time to reclaim your health…tackle your cholesterol…or fight back against the aging process—then simply return any unused portion of the product for a FULL, 100% guaranteed refund.

I don’t care if you ask for a refund in the first two weeks either.

That’s how strongly I feel that Rejuvenator 6X is the right product for looking—and feeling—younger and for helping you to live a longer, healthier life while putting the brakes on heart disease, diabetes, or other life-threatening conditions.

This product must give you the peace of mind knowing you made the right decision on protecting your health—and that of your family…

Or you don’t pay for it!

Here’s how to order Rejuvenator 6X:

To have just one bottle (or multiple bottles) of Rejuvenator 6X shipped right to your door at my risk, just click the ORDER NOW button below.

But that’s not all…

We are pulling out all the stops when it comes to improving your health and solidifying the Rejuvenator 6X as the most powerful anti-aging breakthrough to hit the market in quite some time.

Not only will you get the #1 nutrient that contains 40 TIMES more anti-aging, health-improving, free-radical destroying antioxidant power…

…you’re also going to get these bonus nutrients—all PROVEN to dramatically change your life.

Those bonus nutrients include:

EXCLUSIVE NUTRIENT BONUS #1: The #1 Superfood in the WORLD!

People around the world have praised the Acai berry as the “miracle nutrient” to health and healing all because of the power Acai berry brings them.  In fact, this superfood is so powerful, Dr. Nicholas Perricone went in front of millions of people on Oprah and professed that Acai Berry is the #1 Superfood in the world!   With each order of Rejuvenator 6X, you get all the healing properties of the Acai berry.  By taking just 1 gram of Rejuvenator 6X (backed by the small, but powerful Acai berry) you will get:

  • More Anthocyanins than 1 glass of red wine which means you’ll drastically change your cholesterol so you may get endless protection from a future heart attack.
  • An impressive antioxidant profile (rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E) that knocks down inflammation to revive and heal damaged skin so you look younger and more vibrant with each passing day you take it.
  • Acai berry also supports weight loss and cuts down on fat cell accumulation, so you can forget about the worry and stress of trying restrictive diets or long, tedious exercise programs—just to lose a pound or two.

EXCLUSIVE NUTRIENT BONUS #2:  The Extract of all Extracts

For centuries, my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother all used green tea as a way to protect their heart—especially after my grandmother, following her second heart attack and eventual bypass, was turned on to this ancient elixir by her doctor.
Her doctor noted how clogged her arteries were, so he recommended that she drink multiple cups of green tea every day.  Did it help?  At her yearly follow-up, her doctor noted significantly less blockages in her arteries!  This one tip saved her life and helped her live 15 years after her second heart attack.

Green tea has been used for centuries for optimal health and protection.  But it’s not just for the heart anymore.  Studies show that green tea extract may:

  • Protect against cartilage destruction, joint pain, and swelling so you can continue living pain-free and as mobile as you were in your 20s.
  • Reduce the absorption and speed the removal of the dreaded “bad” cholesterol from your body so you can protect your heart and stop living in fear of an impending heart attack.
  • Improve the FLEXIBILITY in your arteries which prevents blockages from occurring in your body, leading to a healthier heart and reduce your risk for a debilitating heart attack or worse, a stroke.
  • KILL bacteria that cover your teeth so you always maintain a kissable smile and mouth—year after year.
  • Block the enzymes responsible for destroying your brain cells, enabling you to keep your fondest memories intact and drastically reduce your risk for age-related brain diseases that could decimate your memory and shrink your brain.
  • Provide powerful compounds, like ECGC, that have been shown to PREVENT wrinkling of your skin, which could allow you to age gracefully with the same soft, smooth skin you had in your 20s and 30s.

This powerhouse—combined with the other superfoods found in Rejuvenator 6X—provides an endless stream of nutrients and antioxidants for improving your health and preventing illness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Rejuvenator 6X is exclusively sold by JayLab Pro, Inc., a company with 100,000 customers worldwide who have grown to love and TRUST their commitment to giving you the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible.

Rejuvenator 6X is NOT available in ANY STORE, through any other website, or sold through any other supplement company.

Once again, just click the green ORDER NOW button to secure your bottle (or multiple bottles) of Rejuvenator 6X.  

And remember, if you find this product just doesn’t work for you within the next 60 days; simply return the unused product for a full, 100% money-back refund.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving Rejuvenator 6X a try!

Just keep in mind that you are not saying YES to buy Rejuvenator 6X…

…you’re only agreeing to TRY Rejuvenator 6X for the next 60 days—and if it doesn’t live up to the promise, simply return any unused product.  

I am taking a huge risk and giving you this promise because I want to PROVE to you that Rejuvenator 6X is the real-deal.  

Trust me, once you see the results that I know you will see, you will not be disappointed with your decision!

Could anything be fairer?  Just call this toll-free number now for immediate shipment:  1-888-9GETPRO (1-888-943-8776) Mon-Fri 8am-9pm EST or order from our McAfee Secure easy and convenient shopping cart below.

Your quality of life, your health, and your lifespan depend on the action you take now.

Yours in good health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
Jaylab Pro, Inc



Rejuvenator 6X 1 Bottle

Rejuvenator 6X 1 Bottle

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Rejuvenator 6X 6 Bottles
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Rejuvenator 6X 6 Bottles

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Rejuvenator 6X 3 Bottles

Rejuvenator 6X 3 Bottles

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